About NWTH

Northwest Therapeutic Horticulture (NWTH) is a professional group of registered horticultural therapists (HTR), horticultural therapy students (HTS), members of the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA), and community partners.


Rooted in Portland, OR and the surrounding Cascadia bioregion, we aim to promote the use of horticultural therapy through advocacy, education, and community engagement.

What is Horticultural Therapy & Therapeutic Horticulture?

Therapeutic horticulture (TH) is the participation in horticultural activities facilitated by a registered horticultural therapist or other professionals with training in the use of horticulture as a therapeutic modality to support program goals. It is the process through which participants enhance their well-being through active or passive involvement in plant and plant-related activities. Horticultural therapy (HT) is an active process which occurs in the context of an established treatment plan where the process itself is considered the therapeutic activity rather than the end product. (AHTA)



Horticultural Therapists use nature and plant material to improve people's lives:







Proven benefits include: improved memory, coordination, cognitive ability, social relationships, muscle strength, immune response, problem solving ability, and mood.


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